ICPcovid Updates: first round survey completed in 3 countries

Tue, 04/14/2020 - 16:58

3 countries (Vietnam, Ecuador and Brazil) have successfully finished the first round of the online survey with a total of over 30,000 online questionnaires filled. 2 more countries; Tunisia and Myanmar (Burma) have joined the projects and will soon be launching the surveys in their respective countries. Collaborations are ongoing with other countries as well. 

The main aim of the survey is to evaluate how well the general population is adhering to the public health measure put in place by their respective governments and the feedback from the survey will help health authorities in developing targeted interventions and best strategies to cope with the covid-19 pandemic.

It is voluntary and only basic and non-confidential information will be obtained. It will take place in regular intervals to monitor possible changes in behavior and the findings will be communicated to health authorities. 

The second round for the 3 countries (name of country project leader) will start on the following days: 

  1. Vietnam ( Prof. Thắng Võ Văn ) 21-04-2020
  2. Ecuador ( Prof. Bernado Vega Crespo) 22-04-2020
  3. Brazil (Prof. Edlaine Faria ) 23-04-2020

To access the surveys, visit our website, select your country and fill out the survey. 

Remember: stay safe, wash hands regularly, practice social distancing. Together we can beat covid-19.