Covid-19 and Persons with epilepsy

Information sheet: Covid–epilepsy questionnaire


Besides causing respiratory symptoms and death by incapacitation of the lungs, the COVID-19 epidemic also has a tremendous psychosocial impact. Previous research has shown that persons with epilepsy (PWE) are more prone to psychiatric disorders than the rest of the population.

In this light, researchers at the University of Antwerp (Belgium) have designed a small study to investigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on PWE.

Aims of the ICPCovid-Epilepsy study:

  1. To assess the frequency of anxiety and depression among PWE in different phases of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. To identify possible consequences of the ongoing health crisis on the frequency of seizures and the quality of life of PWE
  3. To assess access of PWE to healthcare services and anti-epileptic treatment
  4. To compare the impact of different Covid-19 control measures in different countries on the quality of life of PWE

If you agree to participate

  • You will be asked to fill a web-based questionnaire by clicking the link/button below. It should take you at most 10 minutes to complete the survey.
  • Your participation is voluntary, and you can stop at any time
  • All data will be processed anonymously
  • Your answers will contribute to a better understanding of virus outbreaks and guide decisions for its management
  • You can also complete the questionnaire if you take care of a person with epilepsy but the questions al refer to the person with epilepsy
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